About Lifestyle Arts and Crafts

Who are we?

Lifestyle Arts and Crafts is a family-run wholesale business. We import a diverse range of furniture and ethnic craft products, which we supply to retail outlets and garden centres throughout the UK. Our unique offerings are all hand-produced by indigenous craftspeople from a variety of inspiring locations around the world.

Committed to fair trade

Our suppliers are highly skilled, and many of the families we work with pass on their traditional expertise from generation to generation. Our policy is to bypass the middleman and pay the communities producing the work direct. This ensures craftspeople receive a fair price, and the money we pay is channelled directly into local economies.

Quality not quantity

We steer clear of mass-produced ‘arts and crafts’. Our offerings are all individually hand-crafted to exceptionally high standards – this is reflected in the respectable prices we pay to suppliers. In addition, we insist all items are produced with materials from renewable sources, using production methods that minimise the impact on the local environment.

Aesthetically pleasing

In a world of straight lines, minimalist designs and flat-packed furniture, our products provide an unusual and attractive contrast. Now you can offer your customers something truly exclusive to enhance their homes and gardens, something with a sense of history that provides a glimpse into the traditions of an ancient culture.

Sourcing new products

We often travel overseas to visit the families and communities we buy from, which helps us to maintain strong working relationships with them. During these excursions, we are constantly searching for unusual arts and crafts, so we can regularly provide you with exciting new products.

Small-scale advantages

Lifestyle Arts and Crafts is a small company, and we generally supply to small, independent retail outlets and garden centres. We fully understand your requirements and value your custom – our aim is to provide you with a professional, reliable and friendly service.

By placing orders on this site, retailers with an account number can take advantage of substantially reduced wholesale costs.

The online range will be updated as soon as we source new products – so add this site to your ‘favourites’ and remember to re-visit regularly.