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Lifestyle Arts and Crafts is a family-run wholesale business. We import a diverse range of furniture and ethnic craft products, hand-produced by indigenous craftspeople who pass on their traditional expertise from generation to generation.

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We're a family-run business

We travel across South East Asia, China and South America to track down indigenous, handmade furniture and crafts. The products in our exclusive range are sourced directly from cottage industries within local communities.

These high quality offerings are all hand-produced – not mass-produced. Each and every item is uniquely crafted by experts using traditional techniques. A family business, we maintain strong links with our suppliers, many of whom are family-based companies themselves. Our policy is to bypass agents to ensure craftspeople receive a fair price, which helps to support local economies. And by frequently travelling to exotic locations, we can bring you exciting new artefacts, as soon as we discover them.

Lifestyle Arts and Crafts is a wholesale company. Retailers with an account number can use this site to place orders online.


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